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Technical knowledge of type of thermoforming

1 .vacuum molding
There are dozens of thermoforming methods, and vacuum forming is one of its representative.
The heat - softened sheet is pressed on the surface of the mold by vacuum. This method is the simplest, but the pressure difference caused by vacuum pumping is small, only for simple shape Products.
2 . air pressure thermoforming
The compressed air or steam pressure is used to force the heat - softened sheet to be formed close to the surface of the mold. Because the pressure difference of vacuum forming, can be made of A more complex product.
3 . pairs of mould thermoforming
The sheet heat softening placed between the paired Yin, male, are molded by mechanical pressure. The molding pressure of this method is larger and can be used to make the shape complex.Miscellaneous products, but the cost of the mold is high.
4 . plunger pressure forming
The heating sheet is part of the pre tension with a plunger or plug, then a vacuum or pressure molding, products can be made large depth and wall thickness distribution.
5 . solid phase molding
The sheet is heated to the temperature not more than the melting point of the resin, so that the material is kept in solid state. High density polymer for ABS resin, polypropylene and high molecular weight Ethylene. The rigidity and strength of the parts are all higher than that of the general thermoforming products.
6 . double sheet thermoforming
The two sheets are folded together, and the air is blown in the middle, and the large hollow parts can be made.
A special kind of processing method for processing thermoplastic material into various products, which is heated to softening state on a frame and in external force.
It is used to make it close to the mold surface. After cooling and setting the product, the product is obtained. This method is also used in rubber processing. Compared with injection molding, it has high production efficiency.
The advantages of less investment in equipment and the ability to produce a larger surface area have the advantages of polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polyolefin and so on. The molding method is used.
There are many kinds, which are combined or improved on the basis of three methods, vacuum, pressure or mechanical pressure. It can be used to produce food utensils, toys,
Helmet and auto parts, building decoration, chemical equipment, etc..
A processing method for the manufacture of plastic products with thermoplastic sheets as raw materials. The sheets that are tailored to a certain size and shape are sandwiched on the frame of the mold.
The heat is softened, and then the pressure is applied to make it close to the molding surface of the mold to get the shape that is similar to that of the mold. After cooling, setting and dressing, the product is obtained. become
The thickness of the sheet used is usually 1 to 2mm, and the thickness of the product is always less than that.